Fortnite: Battle Royale

Hello everybody welcome to my blog about everything and everyone involving the new 2017 first person shooter game, that's right, Fortnite: Battle Royale! In Fortnite there are two basic modes: Battle Royale and Save the World. Battle Royale is like Minecraft and the Hunger Games put together.

In Battle Royale there are rounds you can play. Each round can hold up to 100 people. The game starts when you jump out of a flying bus called the BATTLE BUS. I know it sounds weird, right!? But it is a very important part of the game. While you are flying out of the bus you can pull out your glider so you can travel farther distances. After that, you must land somewhere to gather loot.

But there is a weapon you already start with at the beginning of the round. It is called a pickaxe or a harvesting tool. It takes away 10 health from a person out of 100 health, but it is also very useful for gathering materials. In Fortnite you can build structures with materials such as wood,brick, and metal.

The first thing to know about Fortnite: Battle Royale is unlike most games. You have to gather weapons at the beginning of the round, instead of already having them in your inventory. But this is not the case in Save The World mode. In Battle Royale you can play by yourself/solos, with one other person/duos or with 3-4 people/squads.

Usually in the game you will have 94-99 people playing against you. To win the round, you have to be the last one alive. Now you know the rules of Battle Royale, but now comes the fun part.

In Fortnite: Battle Royale there are different skins for your Avatar,Picaxe,and Glider you can buy. In this blog I will be doing my best to do daily updates on what is in the store, new features, and my personal opinion on it. I may even post some videos of me playing Fortnite: Battle Royale.

My username: QuaridonKing



Toxic Trooper


The Toxic Trooper is a brand new skin and has many tiny details that makes it a good skin. First of all I will say this is not on my to buy list just because I personally think it is a weird skin, but for those of you who may like the look to this skin I will provide you with Pros and Cons. Here is the main Pro: It is green so it can blend in with grass trees and bushes. Here are some of the Cons: It can also give away your position because OF how green it is. If you are trying to blend in with your surroundings, it will be most effective at night because the skin is both black and green. Overall this skin is cool looking (especially if you are in dusty divot picking up hop rocks) and you should get it if you like it.

Love Ranger


The Love Ranger is a part of the Royale Hearts set. The skin is very cool and especially cool because it blends into stone which can help you in battle. But this skin not only helps you in battle but the back bling is some of the best in the game. The back bling is called Love Wings. I will tell you this back bling looks amazing on EVERY skin. No exaggeration, it looks amazing everywhere. Overall this skin is very camoflauge effective and it is a nice looking skin.

Cuddle Team Leader


The Team Cuddle Leader is a very pink and cute skin that goes with the Royale Hearts set. This skin is the second skin I ever bought and I think it was because I could not resist NOT buying this skin. I myself have read reviews saying "This skin is absolute garbage and it gives away your position" - that is not true. The thing I have found is it actually scares away opponents. First of all the skin can seem VERY terrifying because if you study the skin you find a very scary essence. Second of all, they know you have had the game a while. The strategy I would use is wait about 4 days or so to wear it and then put it on so it seems that you have been playing the game for a long amount of time because it came out in Febuary. So overalll this skin is my second favorite skin and you should definetly get it.

Bear Force One


The Bear Force One is a very cool glider that does with the Royale Hearts set. The glider is like a bear balloon and is very cute and fluffy. The glider may even be cooler than the one ledgendary glider, the Royale Dragon. Overall this is one of my favorite gliders and you should definetly get it



The Cipher is a skin that goes along with the Overclocked set which involves, Circuit Breaker (skin), Cutting Edge (harvesting tool/ pickaxe), and Mainframe (glider). The skin represents almost a futuristic type of skin with three spider eyes and may also represent a hacker. Overall the skin is very clean and futuristic and you should definety get it.



Earlier today Epic Games has announced that in fortnite they may release a new gun called the FAMAS which is a type of burst assult rifle. The gun is supposed to come in Epic and Legendary ratings.

Chicken Emote


The new emote released today.

Renegade Roller


The Renegade Roller is the newest pickaxe/harvesting tool of 2018. It is part of the Aerosol Assasin set to go along with Teknique and Abstrakt skins. The Renegade Roller is a paint roller. When ever you use the roller, or move it starts spinning and drips paint that are different colors. Overall it is very colorful and very satisfying to look at.



The Abstrakt is one of the newest skins of 2018. It is the male version of the Teknique skin in the Battle Pass. Abstrakt is a spray painter with a very good backbling called the Tag Bag. The Tag Bag is supposed to represent a spray painters set with a gas mask and bottles of spray paint. The skin is very fun to play with and is overall a very swag and cool skin.

Hello everyone, I am sorry that I have not been posting the new skins in Fortnite. The reason I have been not posting is because I have been on a camping trip nd have not had time.



The Raven skin was released originaly in September of 2017. Now they have brought back the skin. The skin almost resembles a dark warrior and a god from the underworld. The skin in my opinion make you feel like a god and can blend in very well at night. Overall this skin is very useful for1 hiding in the night and makes you feel powerful.

Rainbow Smash


The Rainbow Smash is a very, very, rare harvesting tool. As of today the Rainbow Smash has only been in the shop for 3 days in the history of fortnite. The best part of this harvesting tool is that it has a special feature. After 2 kills the horn turns rainbow, and keeps getting bigger after every kill. Overall this harvesting tool is very vibrant and if it comes out you should definetly get it.

Brite Gunner


In my opinion the Brite Gunner is the best skin in the game. For those who have not been playing Fortnite very long, the Brite Gunner has a back bling called the Brite Bag, which at one point in the game only developers were supposed to have. Overall the Brite Gunner has lots of popping colors and is very satisfying to look at.