Apex Opinions

Hello, welcome to my page where I talk all about my opinions on Apex. This is an extension off my main page that will discuss the Apex Legends characters and updates. I will mainly focus on the main page, but try to update this one as often as possible.

Apex VS Fortnite

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When Apex was first released all the way back in February 2019, it was deemed by critics as a "Fortnite Killer" being a large hit right off the bat. For a couple of months, many very popular streamers played the game, which made it more and more popular, but as time went on the game got less and less popular for one large reason. Fortnite Season 8. Whenever Fortnite releases a new season, it attracts people back to the game because of all the new content and game structure. I played Fortnite A LOT when it first came out, and still do from time to time, but Apex is without a doubt better than Fortnite. The new game mechanics in Fortnite have upset the community, they no longer enjoy how the game is structured. Also lots of people are just tired of the same old sweaty build battles in creative. Apex brings that mood of Overwatch with the selectable heroes, but also satisfies the people by being a Battle Royale. Fortnite is 3rd person, compared to Apex which is 1st person, and I think that people like Apex more because they feel more comfortable with the look of 1st person, because they have played games like CSGO, COD, R6S, etc, where not many people have played a 3rd person shooter. Overall Apex in my mind is superior to Fornite, and if you feel differently, or agree with me, feel free to email me.

Apex Worlds Edge

Worlds Edge was the second map to ever be introduced to Apex, after Kings Canyon. The Worlds Edge map has all kinds of different climates, buildings, and vantage points compared to the older map. In this liss I will go over all the locations in Worlds Edge and list the pros and cons of that location.


Capitol is probably one of, if not THE most poplular place to land in all of Worlds Edge. It has high tier loot, nice sniping vantage points, and has lots of cover and area, so you can have your Caustics fight inside, and your Pathfinders outside.